Avoid these mistakes that will kill your financing

Avoid these mistakes that will kill your financing.

A typical "to be built" home building process can last up to 4 months. Prior to starting you will have given your financial information to you new home lender. Based upon that information the lender gives you loan approval and AWAY YOU GO! AS your new dream home starts coming out of of the ground your excitement is "off the charts"! Here are a few mistakes to avoid to keep that dream from turning into a nightmare:

  1. NOT have any additional inquiries into your credit
  2. DO NOT apply for any new loans, auto loans, mortgages, or credit cards
  3. DO NOT make any major purchases using credit cards
  4. DO NOT anything (i.e. electronics, furniture etc.) at some “no interest” sales promotion
  5. DO NOT change your job or take a less paying position without first talking to your lender.
  6. DO NOT pay close any bank accounts, pay of any collections or make large deposits without first talking to your lender.
  7. DO NOT write a check that bounce.

Avoid these mistakes and closing on your new home should be "Smooth Sailing"!

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